The Kiel Press. (Kiel, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 5, Ed. 1 Thursday, June 5, 1902 Page: 5 of 8

To Homesteaders.
Persons filing before
July 26th 1894 have;
10 yea is from claxe oil
i ' v. ling on win eli,
to ina 3 proof.
Emory d.
We send our paper to everyom
«ln> is having a tinal proof tiotiei
published therein Eioli one is1
expected till >k carefully over tlit'ii
publication and if any error is fount
to report it to i:i a• nm-e for corree
lion. Bring ' ''ur ri 1 • 11^5 papers with
Kirst r
I.una on:.:.-
Noticn Is
Apr. Ulrli, ISKCi
Pr-pai-tnient of Hie Interior,
' t Kiujrii.sher Oklu.,
I"«'b. 2lnt M-j.
>>-"■> by given tint th« following
s'-t: i : • .1'• ••' . -1:.i.'s Intention
'■ ' ■ •• ill lUpport Of Ills < .: i •:.! !
:,n(J • : '•! proof • iil U made lofor-e |
thi lioi;|«n<r .„,a K o.-lvcr nt Kingfisher i
Okla*, ou Jui i llMfj' viz; i
• MI^ .M. ( A VJ I T!
Ii. i:. No • . i f. r • Of : ■
I' )■ ii , ... w. I i
He imiw-f. i -P.,.vii:,; witnesses-o prove
,:;i '• •-< V. .. >•. I I'. M. liuel Hit of
Kiel, Gklu i : i ...
V I). I OWNI.'.K, K<"': t .1
' J' lbi
i* /.icatjur*
x''Tin: f( :: im'iii.I. \ riu.N
Kirst Published i sith 1V02;
I 'epiirtinent of tlit- Interior
Lund Office:!I Kli..ii,|„.r. Oklal ma,
Klv i, that ,.i„. i l:, vi,,« !
aimed .ettlcr lias tiled noUce of hit Intention I
to make anal proof In support ..f l. is claim.
Mtd I will be made I efore j
Register aud Roceiver, 0,8. Land Office at]
KlnjjtMicr, Okla,, on June lTth, 1U0S. vln '
!'• K.,So*IUT,'':i th" u-«h of Sec. iso, flpwp I
1" Kan,... ... \v. ; I
He names the following witnesses to prove I
his continuous residence j and cultlva-1
Won of Bald land vit; Wl Han. P, Wight and
Prank If. Pope of Kte| okl i. Nela s. Nord-
•iu. St and Poto, Peterson of Parvin, Okla,
I MllllV II lll:o\, M.t:I ; It. isler
''nrTAmbK^y, -0 ,nw NOTICE FOR I'l'IK, |('A't'lO
I).'|. iitm«nt of ili.. I, Kirst published Apr.Jlth ■;. >
United State.I,,.,, oi^^ t Depm,.,.,-* of 1,10 Ihferl ,
M y : -I, Land (iiiiicr at kin^lisin r, < ', ,i.
a snffl.'lentcontest affidavit ItaVii'ir \ - , ,
flled In ties b, rbnries lilll, of Ki .|T j v " 1 "',-
T. contestant,against Alexander A. KobW ««tlC0 i« IWfeby given thai tllo 6)1-
son entry No row, nt de Muy «, 18Bf, f,.r the I '(lu 'i' <'d sett lor has filed not ICO
N.E. H. of Section #, Township it, Ksngo 9, "fills in entlfin to make final
•h.che"uturegAed rr;, ^ '"8"pp;1 hl" c'a,ra-and ^
■on haa aiMudoned the watd tract of land and 11 will bemadeb ft re Hie Resist r
removed his residence thurafrom for more ttn" •'Welver !'. S. Land OfHco at Knu-
tUanalx memths, since making his Mid entry I fisher, okla. on June 20tli 1902 via
next prior to the l*th, day of May, 1 T.. CHARLES II. .1 1REU
and in f ct never established a honefled For the s-w w,# n
riMdei:co on the said land, j 1,1 w* i W| 1^^e
:.|"1 tli.1tthe said alleged .„Ce fl,„u tll„ | 8 l-M.
S.tld land was not due t . IiK employment In ! "e names the I'ullo'.vin;: wllncsses
the army, navy or marine otrpg of the I to prove his continuous residenre
"-"1 Mutes ;,s a iirK,:. Idler. ,,|i:eer. 1 up.,n lllltl CUltivat i • • - . .
mmmau or marine, during the war with Spain mi. „ , c
Or dining any Dtlioi Ail,. ifMv.tiic U'llt.-d S 'lor' Kiel • <1 •
4 v:
V '1
Stntc.s may be eugaged: and said ptrtteTare ; '''• Turner,
hereby notlfled to Appear, respond and offer J. Johnson
evidence touulilug aald allegation
Color. I
■It. it ho
in 11 r
1' 'in..- .ii uf tin.. luterl.j-
■'ItlM,, r. Okl . .. .■
Apr l<ii 1., ;
1 .' . t iiat t lowing*
: '1 '• ' i <' .f Ms i iti-ntion
and that -aid pro-..:* w ; be ime. before
. .
ut Kh.cii,!...,-, .. . ,. J.,,, ,.. , viz
WALTEH '1 11(1 .|;ins l: h, No. •.'10
,lls 1 and culLlv.,-
>u. t !l Ml Do well and An-
drew J, Hosli - <>? r, . . < K|.;
'"v "■ Oh n wi.Bg, Register
Noi iee for Publication.
First Published Apr. 24th, 1902.
Department of the Interior,
Land O111eo at Klnglh-'iier Okla.,
Feb. 22nd, 1901
Notice I - hereby i?h u that the fol-
lowing sett i rh v ;::,!d notice
! * In' f - -t to in j,. iinal proof
,n ; 's ej.iirii, and that said
. ■ '.elorr (i. Register
"• ",-r n June 10th, 1902, via:
<n ■ AM:,-. >s
H. B. No. -*■ for the n-e i. Sec. 8,
Twp. n n range 3 \V.
u ' ' V, : witnesses
I'rov.. , ''tinu.ius n sidcuee
I K . i Kiel Okla,
1 '
Thomas I>.rne of " «
J:ispcr X. Ilijj|jy i,f ' "
F.jfoitv i). littowN'LKK. Ruifister.
Ntn'IflC i i .: PliliMCATlON!
First I'ubllsiU vl l, . !'ii, i.*02,
I"■ i"i im ii.*. •;! of the Interior
Land O/Hco at Kln^iisluT, Okla,
lHil, n)02.
Nuiioo Is lien by -Ivn that the following
ii aim .1 sr. it !<• r lt:i< t i in ti Ico of his intention
!k'' In support oi'' his claim, t '<■!
that .--ii«l pro( f will bt made before the
lit*wister and Kc/civt r; IT. s. Land Oiitob
at KiiiKlishi r, Okl-i, on Juno 18th, 19U^, yi/.
ALISON \, IIA All Ii it i;. x .
For tiio lots i .v and > s of n-© Soc. J
Twp, 17 N. ofUuiix<- 0 VV, 1, M,
IIu names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous residiwiee upon andcultiva-
tion of s;tid land, \ iz:
Wiiliani M, Hawkins of Kiel Okla.,
William M, C'halker " •• ■<<
V\ sliin^ton iVIcMauomy " " •
John J. Walters " 11 ••
r-KiiiY l>, llftowNLEE, Ueglster
NOTIOJ I ■' . ; ( ATK >N
first i'ubiisji' ti Apr. 01th l! L':j
iJeparir n'ut of tiie Interior
Land Office at Kin^libln r Okla.
. , March iOth 1 02
Notice is hereby given that the following
nap "d settler has tilrd not ire of hisinteution
to make final proof In support of his claim,
and that said proof will bo made before
ti.r Register and ii-c iv rlT. H, Land Olllce
at Kingfisher, Ok'a. on June? 7th 1902 viz
josi- ni c, wood
U K No fit 10 forth... c r.-w ( aud lots I &
S! of See,18 Twp, IS Haiu^ «. W, I. M.
lie names t bu following wltn>vs «toprovo
'■is continuous rosin.>nc'i ujion nnd t:uitivji-
tlon of said land viz. Ulysses L, Harrison
Fielding J, lilrtley, P/lwln a, Plank, and
Oni L. lilrtley, all of Parvin, Oklahoma,
Kmou v I) Hkowxt km Register
on S«'pt. 5tli, 1
i; ilver at the United Sta
Kingfisher Okla.
Tin- said contestant havli
a:iidavit, lilc-l Alay.^Oih \[
which show that, due dilli^t
vice <if this notioecan not lv maiic
by ordcirfl a n J din , ed that •h
given bydeu ami proper public ir;
1- 1). iiUOW.VLH:, J
eli >c Ii
,l I ne Iteu'lster and
•'''•> l.and Office In
liarvo.v I'tterba.'h
emoiiv 1>. ISnov;
proper WT[ 1 1 i :
I rth I' li-is I Published ill Mel Pi
rsoual ser- i
it liern-
flOtice be
.NOTICK It)!;. I'lMiLiCvnoNr
l irst Published p.', 24 1'n_'
Department of the Interior,
Land Olllce at Kingfisher Okla.,
Apr., lsth UI02
Notice is hereby ifiven that the- fol-
■ r bi
Plrst Puii isited Apr. 24!,I;, r 2
Land Olllce at King'isher. Okla..
Apr,, IS i002.
Notice I- Hereby given that the
■ ■
tic.(' of i. is in ton ti at to ntako final
>•' ' i!l
'•bo Register and Lit c, iver I Laud
nl K •: . Ik e. i ; i , on June
Ii h. N . . ••. ; of
T ,. is, ... • iv. l. m.
I'1 l: i... - i,lie : uii . tv:I:;ossos

u) n and .. liv... t,j j r,.j VjZ
•roorge a;n of Kiel, O.T
Harvey j tmeson of Ex. ci-ior "
1-d Laurence tjf '*
Darnliard Nashtotrall of"
Bmowt'D BoWmx,bi3. Register
First Published Apr. 24th. 1002.
Land Ollicu at Kingllsher, Okla.,
A] .-th. 1)02
Notice is hcr.'Uv ive.u tha- ti fol-

it: snpptiri i.f l is i 'aim, an i that said
an.'' . •'.T tT Lai.ri at
I. ^Si-he:,i •: . •-.! June 7th, 1 r : viz
' 111 iell v\ , ' nrclictl Guarc'iim fer
Adam Iilooiii, ..a m -aue jn ram
For the ti i of the s-w. iSecO twp 16.
N. R, B. W. I.M. II E, No. 8434.

to prove in- e,.nlinuous residence
«-Pr and ( -,Jti v:i! ion of said land, viz.
H illiam Wadsworth, Alfred McMeal
Orvlliie A Pro-ior, William E. Wads-
worth r'l <.' (' a. ..fa, oklahoma.
emoiiv D. !••; hvnli3b, register
notli i: i'uh i'i:i:i IfATlO.N!
First published 4, 24th: 1!" ;
" I o" .... i,t . i th. Interior
Land Olllco at King fisher, Ol. lahom:i.
!-"eb, 20, l!)02.
Notice Is hereby given that the foil.nvin -
named settlor has filed notice of ills inte ntion
ti make final proof in support off i-ei.iiin,
:iinl lliat said proe" will inmlo In f. roth.'
Iv. :rister aiol ltecelrer I-, 8, hand offlc.- at
Klugfiser, Qkla. on June loth HQS, vis:
H.E; No BltW, For the s-e U, See, 2 Twp, 10
E :-nje!< W, I, M,
!!■• n tini'S the following witnesses to prove
las Continuous residence upon aud cultiva-
tion of said I: nd, viz: Knton Moore and
■ lolili 1' An'.ii rhar of u.iii:..
W. Smith aud Francis >1 I iityre of Alpha
Kmohv. Rnowxr.EE: Iloirlstor:
first Published t. 24th 1903.
1,1 I'.'O't in, ,t of the Interior
I.and Olllce at Kln^lisher. Oklahoma,
I'.'h., rth 1802
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settlor has filed notk e nf hlsintentinn
to n.u/.'e final proof In support of his claim
and that said proof will be made before h, 0
■ inipwan II S.Court Commissioner at Okeene
Okla , on June I3tb 1002, vi/.: 11, E, No,
James w Dutr:
For the a o )t sec. i T. 18 range hi. W. i, M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tion of sail land viz; Elmus 1,, Miinn and
I'udrille s. Ktinker of Craljje, Okl.i, Fred W.
"''own Of Parvin, Okla, Charles L, Addis of
Okeene, Okla.
kmouy, d, i, Register
department of ti
hand Olllce at lvIn^-tlshtr in, ,
Notice is hereby given t: .r t
named sett lor has (ih-d
to make final proof in • jp; ,; .
and that said proof will be m , u
Register and Recelv r >, J. mi
iwin^lisher, 0/ la., on July 7th !.
I.O.N/o I I'RV * , . im
IJ K. No.— fi>r the s w >.A < r
18,range S*, W. 1. M.
mwing named settfer h'as il'ied Notice I hifeeaD„ruru"e^d7nc?uWponZ
a nis intention to make iinal proof in j onotsaid laid, •• i :
support n| his claim, and that said : "am I'. \\ luut,
|1MKii Will b : inacl. before Resist er
snd Rocei\ r at Kingiisher, nida.,
on June 18th, 1902, viz:
II, T..No. for the s-e i Sec. ''
rwp. 17 N II 8 W, I. M.
lie names tiie following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
'^'■'/"'d euh: , a'i of said land viz:
\V 111 i;iiti ]{, Tilbury of Dover Okla
Cl.ark '1 iilinry " Kxcelsior "
Loron Lockhnrb " M
Harvey Jameson " .< ..
Estonv D. IlitowMLffiE. Register. ;
twp I
i to pi-
Archie u
Iliiddh -i
with white hind i.
mi i: inii i*i"in
Fir t Publish ,1 1 ,y. , -i
I.'ind Oiliceat KliigU>hfr, 0„i ,
. April 2t
""tiee is hereby given that the following
named settler has n;.-ii notice of his intention
to make final uroof In supp. . t. of hi- •,
and that said proof will be nni'le hef.ue tii,
Register tnd Receiver U. 6, Land Offlci
Kingfisher Okla., on July 7th 1009 viz-
LEONAltD PliA'l'T!
It, E. No, 9"s0 for the n-e s
lentigo 8, west.
Ho names the following witm
his eontliiuous r. sidenco uiiun ;
t Ion of s:ild land viz:
II irvey h' terbaelt, of Klngfidn .
Milton Duffy, Martin L. Droke, a
V'ount, all ,.i ,Hi]..
em.jkv 1), Itu iwm., 1:,
Don't fail to s<.
I' lrst. Published Apr, i,. .",
department of th ■ Interior.
Land tfllee at IClngflshot, Oklahotna,
, , Feb. 21, 1002,
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named set tier has hieil notieeof his intention
lo make final proof in Mippon 0f Ids claim
and that said proof will bo made before the
I.'egister and ltecelrer, U. ,s. h:md Olllce at .
Kingfisher Okiai,0« .Tun- i:ai,loti-j. viz;! Jack owned by J. T. I) rl'.n
for the s-w <, See. i:; Tw:,. ts W. I. M, ! ' 80,u1' ai"'
He names the following witnesses to prove ! < f Laeev.
his continuous residence upon aud cnltiva
lion of said land, to-wit:
' ''"rn 0( Kje[ f))i|
1'. Ii. P, Mehowell of
Waller H, Hi,skins " •"
William Glazier of • ..
1 - m iuv Ii
First Published Apr. 34th, lot,3
Department of Hie Interior
Land Ofi :'e at Kingilsbei Okla.
. Apr. 18th 1002
Notice is her. !iy . .11 that ti following
named set tier hn- fii..! n !i 'e of I 1 in" t-tloia
10 make final proof in support of his claim
'll'at -a..1 pi.. : win be made h t"ore the
Register and Receiver tt.8, Land office at
Kingfisher on Jan 24th. 1903, vUt
rouiijx he att y
11 E No — r,., the s-e of s., c. 18Twp, 18
Range 9 W. I .M.
He names the following wltm scs to prove
/ bis coeUnuous !. sldence upon and lultlva-
i in. 1 .f said niii. 1 -i.: Jame- Ii. Alee and
William II, Webl. 't ofs.vty Ofcla- Erhvln A.
Plank nnd Carl Leonard of Parvin, Oaki-
i i : • AVM.L1; lie.1 It t i
l lrst published April 21. 1902,
Department of the Interior.
united States Land Office.
Ringli.-her, Okla,
December. 30, 1001
A sufficient contest affidavit having been
filed In this office by l.incoln Gregory, con-
-tant avaiiist llurtou S.iaw ent.ry No, li:jii:t,
made October, 23, 1893, far Lots 3-1-5 See 2'
Lots 1-3, See, B, Township 18, Range D, by
llurtou Shaw, in which II Is alleged
unit Burton Shaw, has wholly abandoned said
tract, and has changed his rc-i.lence there-
from, for more than si.v months last p .st., u,,d
next prior to the With day of October ltjpg and
has failed to establish his rcsldeuce on sal,
tract since making said entry,aud there Is no
iiouse. or any improvem-nitsou the said hi 11
oid that the said alleged absence from the
-aid land was not due to his employment in
III.' army, navy or marine corps of tke United
Slates a-: a private soldier, officer, seamun or
I marine, during the war tvlth Spaiu.or duriir
I any other war in which the United State'.
1 may be engaged; nnd said parties are lit re-
iiy notified to appear, respond and offer evi-
dence touching said allegation at 10 o'clock
a, m. on Juno 4th. 1002 before the Ueglster
a nil Receiver at the United States Land Office
In Kingfisher Okla.
Tiie said contestant having: in a proper
affidavit, filed Dec. at:. 1001, set forth facts
which show that after due diligence personal
-crviee of this notice can made, it is
hereby ordered and directed tint such notice
he ui\eu by due and prnper publication.
ti.. 11. llrow: lee, Register,
NO'iiuE for publication
First Published Apr.iMth. 1902
Doj ai l ni .it uf i h,. Intt rior.
Land OBIce at KiiiKli -1 :er. Okla.,
. Keb 211H02 is hereby piven that the
following-named settler has Hied no-
tice of iiis intention I i make final
proof in support ,f his chilni. ai d
thtit said proof will bo made before
Resistor and Rec.. U. S, Land offico
at Kin^'l-i r okla. on .1 u«:«- io, li«)2 viz
'io"ive VV. W illi.ims
ii. E No. for the n-e J Sec. 33.
twp. 18. n R. 8 W. 1. M
He names the f. :mv. i,ig witnesses
to prove bis cuntiriia tis resilience I
Upon and cult ivation of said land, viz S'
L",,n;ii.i Prati and .Martin I, Droke of
Kit 1, Okla., and M. B. iirisman and : vi <«
li. P. N iurhtemrale of Excelsior, okla. I m*
Try 0 8> li s Kidney P ! s.
I hey art the only kidin y in "iieitio
that jiosiiivelv ettren all ,!i irom d.sovdei'.-.! Li i.:. ..-
poor nerves and a t'nn water\ con-
dition oi the hlood such as nervoe.s
headache, dizziness, u't-ak b.tek,
i haemalistn,diabetes , : enid t . iriti
and other kidney troubles, i > jj
Kidney I'iIIh, the great K;,;
remedy Every |,0!C win:;
2.5eent« per ho.. II N.
•-' ----
..., ••• . rr':-
in: m
: • AT ION
f tin' 1 nt -. I i.; r
to Ills u
—rrrP'^'- * N
. ' :
. •o-.'.'.V. ■■ «
i r. niuoti.
1 ' hands It
.' il lo 111I l i'
eoi t,
I i d vara,
■' 1
l.nt .1 n u jj| I),,] i,,
should ;tin' o.'.'iir,
\ i.OXC, ■'•l
oi It-hi .lied 1;i;:
isotl of 1110-j 11
A iel. (la,
ri .u-it and
?ii to ^ . j , «
>ci'j triv !■'] f." '• ^
c? lii- rr.
, C.aejr 17m
s 1 r '• i v .
i, C3. hOVZZ. .
•' rtou )wit. nta!
>' •• i -ti I'au-Lt. :
....... tcrr.ia ever ofl
j ^ ' f*A'l 1-'.K... I.,. ,-yE'/-, CF 2fi v '
- "'ttfiiluntiftl. ^ in •.
•: I
1 i;ia
. 1.1 •&}%.■ \{ X
' v.'ii.C:
Kirst Published Apr. 2Hh 19 c'.
I h partment tif tiie Interior,
Land oilice at Kintflisher. okla ,
Apr lsth.
Notice is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler ha . Died not ie.-
of his intention to m ake iinal proof in
support of his claim, and thai :-ait|
proof will be made before the Register 1
and Receiver U. S. Land Oltlce at. I Arnica
Klnolishcr. okla.. oil .lutie., 2u, iin ■ : . t.--
For the s-vv i of See. 2" twp Is
R. 8, W. 1. M.
He nanus Hie following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence up-
on and cultivation of said land, viz:
Harvey Utterback of Kingfislie O. 'J'.
William Burnett " Kiel "
John llarnett " " ..
Alexander McGlellan of " "
1'jMouv l>, Bu.iwnlmm, Register.
__ A
.- r'or>. U S. P i-r .
A terrible -xti;)'. 3tan
''Of gas'.iiie siove bu:.
here frightfully," writes
Palmer, of Kirkmaii
best doctor e til..,:': In
sore that folio
■ cos
S !
' 1. a :. |
illtle 1; 1-'i I J. j
for Cn
Bruises, ,
2'" at H.
( in . !
RtrUBghnt Pastor—The collections
hav« fallen oft terribly. Pre tlcal Wife
—It's that new v<. ii .can v,:.o t
tho plate. /I" never watches w&ait
pie put In.—New I'o.U Wo '::y.
a*-:;.?Met! all my iuo
'■ ".'t to \Y- im:> r I v.
-glasess, much preferrins tin
■ ■a .. • i-.vegh ises v/ti'e net in >. 1
■) iu ( rraarty ai (hat time > - 1
a r-""••'■'Cied about as much affcet-
s t:.<- 1 .'10 01 w. .: 1; a r.o'i.- :lo,
Oormans wore spectacles. I Bad
!ieea e.t Weidniar tcti;; when Li.-, t
I to roe: -Masoa, I don't like to ge«
wearing thiae glasses. 1 ahall
^0;:t: ray optician t 1 fit your eyes w r/t
e.ea-s.' I hardly thought th: t It.}
V is s: rlona and so paid little atten-
tion to him. Pet, sure enough, about
* 1 "" « r- 33 a hue. It cn my
...or end tiu. op ti >*■!*-'-; prc.-e : cif Lira-
soli, sa;. :n^ ih^rt 1. h"rt come at tlm cf Dr. IJsrt to esaJnc <:,y
tint] fit n pair of spectacle:, to day Dr. Lisjt was read-
ing a Jetfar in a musioian was
referred t„ a,; a re", la Mr. 3o-anti-ao.
He ree l th i t rh ase over two or
..irp? tim writes Dr. Maiirn, "an.I
d his own name for
lir. J. L. Curry was
Nearly 70,000 tons of cc-rh:; are , U!:
needed for the bottled beer and acrat.- 1 then s o - ... ,. ,,.
ed waters consumed annual# in (ii^ct ti tc' t1- -i- n!',mo r
Britain "" ' ' n men:!o^ed and re-
1 heated several tir.'.es: 'A certain }«-
Liszt a certain Mr. Liszt, a certain
juito as "a friend of the family" a' t'--'. *v-0r': >1 know U::it
11 '-a. wouid oft end me. I don't k",,
the Spanish coronation, having been "-at I should rbjeet to boinp ealiVd
minister lo Spain at the lime o! tie certaln Ir- Liszt,"' As he .-,«-n
l,„«llll,k. j ■ !, of ll.o I.i„ , £*, !£ Z ZZZ'i°a°i
years ago. 1 he expressions of wacther he really would be of-
! Fever and Ague and all Liver and I frtewd-shii. for thin oonntrv showed or E'-" 1Ju at the same time
StOttiiel, truble. Gentle but effective. I that thore is no lit,: orii'g resent- JnJTr ^.^herTso'Sen.Tndl'
Only at II. N. Moore's drut'l nieiit o\ 1 the r.eent tvar.
Didn't Mari'y For money.
'I lie P.oston man, who lately
married ti sickly rich young woman, | -1111 to as ,(a friend oi the fainii,
is happy iiov , for he got Dr. Kino's \ . ,
New Li;o Pills which restored her I minister lo Spam at the lime
lo her perfect health.
! for Jaundice, Biliousness, Malaria. | -vtars a'4". The- expies.d .n.,
really hslieve ho would net liava teitt
inhirod l.y st:eh a refereneo to hlmt«
Belt.-Chicago News,

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Christ, J. H. The Kiel Press. (Kiel, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 5, Ed. 1 Thursday, June 5, 1902, newspaper, June 5, 1902; ( accessed March 21, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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