The Kiel Press. (Kiel, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 5, Ed. 1 Thursday, June 5, 1902 Page: 1 of 8

I' III —
. I
Vol, :>
1 he
repultlican party can win
1 >.■ t • re tin? people o 1 the in gtiiKt •
f«ilti 11 lilent of its pledge to Cuba
and to the world.
Charles .'.I. Schwab says- that to
nm the weary ones rest is belter
than to give money, which often
docs more banu than good.
Uaruum and iiailev's circus gave
the proceeds of one performance at
Toulouse, France, to the Martin-
ique relief fund. The amount was
Cf Cghitk' tosment of the
English papers persistently as-
serted in the earlier periods of the
l'ransvaal invasion that. () ;n Paul
Tbe next C< unty Normal Insti- i Kruger was a narrow minded, sil
tote convenes in Kingfisher, June, I fish old Dutchman, whose patiiot-
23, and continues four weeks. Ar-J ism and pretended love for the
rangements are being made to | South African republic weio but to
accommodate all who may desire to [pull the wool over tbe < yes of his
Sparrows have built their nest iu
the hand of Daniel Webster's --tat
lite in Central Park, New
Had they heard that "a bird in the
hand is worth two in the bush?"
The tine i ■ w manual training
school reeled at Washington, 1).
('., has lie * • ametl iu honor of
President MeKinley, who t.-ok an
interest in ti.* technical education
of the youth : country.
Every effort will be put forth to
make this the best Normal Institute
ever held in tbo County.
Tbe Territorial Board of Educa-
tion has now definitely
that person:; completing the Normal
York. | Institute Course will receive a Pro-
fessional Certificate, which will be
an evidence of a hi iher degree of
proficient- than i-imply the holding
of a first grade certificate.
I hope every one will mako an
d foi your school
the inv< nt• >" 'i
will spend l
Cape Breton,
kites, as expert
of the problem i
!er Graham Bell
l Bell U-l phone,
-. . lire slimmer at
ova Scotia, flying
ats iii the solution
aerial navigation.
The Agrieui '■ nrti
to send an expert ti
cliase .t quantity of
for disiribul. on :■
of the Southern si
of iutroduci. .: .* ilk
.'i'. t:o::.
Department is
France to pur-
silk-worm e<ig.-.
/ig the farmers
.-s with the idea
ejlturi, in that
America 1; the world
in tt.e Ii'1 aias it should be
her aim t-i
iu tbe fine
servatt i .-
in iy not att
step ii
J uc i-mai.
cei' d and .. :
li. an re ■ . i
in > iuC'iiui:K. • ! .
bold and per. •;
international ' i
uoinmeodat-i. i 1 • .
the peoples r ■ h
Tho dene -a-'
again raise the
s\ cophancy" an--
s. atute by k>•>: ,•
come t o thei '■
European f) u •
try is more :!•
s1 read of rep
the di cay o.' i ■'
A iIhicay: J! 1 ■
J'.dinond liob :.i
dramatist, p] git
Prince of CVrjn i:
by a Cliicap. < •;,
literary woil •
dictum, and i.
the front rank
,< national oon-
-.. in Congress
id but they
ii Cuba, con-
ier renub-
an endur-
. ij and the
riment in
•il. .i: og elicit.;
• intry from
•ntpers which
ot "truculent
t. v gift of a
V'diiam should
• icidizo that
to tins eoun-
ti mean the
effort to att
better equij
work this fall.
You i la; w all that is in the
Course of Study, but
countrymen to t!ic ei d that he
might amass still greater w ealth.
They leclared that Kruger was
never known to contribnt1 to any
greater charity, and so on. Kruger
at last Willi most of hi vast lortune
spent in trying to save ' is country,
broke down and went to Holland,
where, among friends, ' e might the
more easily reach the ears oi the
world and the powers with bis
pleading for intervi-uti u, help and
sympathy. Mow tin Associated
1 hereby announce myself as
candidate for the Ml'ice of Sheriff of
Kingfisher County, subject to the
dccisi in of Republican Convention.
!•' M. . 'IMM1SL,
Cooper Township.
The Cjiididatc.
lie conieth up like a flower and
retireth from the race busted. His lillclb him with false hopes
and atmosphere. He swelleth like j
;i;\'|ei s li.
:n : nil I
riuiuluy so
(3 Kit MAN EVANG £1 ' <
Oorvlf - held '"-.M y 1 hi;
*Jii t 11 n'clock A M i
M. W, ok A.
a toad and thinketh the world his'n. f'1 J"1 "•
dlaliy invited.
11. Hoi. ■
end because yon will be Press audouQeeu that Kruger,
ing of the disastei t; the natives
and others of Martin: ^ic, seni of
his own private pur e 100. Up
you will be until yesterday En,"'.ar,d b: dc't!
ind what talk
■■o Mas forced
because of the action of the United
States. — Ex.
He smileth upon mankind and kIoj
peth over with humor. He kisseth
the children and scaltereth his mic-
robes among innocent babes. lie
. ., . , , , , : 1' i it f. f. I'lgo, N'«. SI. I
privily one wet h a clove when lie • IS s t >, ,-rtnv • „ n> n i.. -
. " , , , , ! moillbrrH lire t il r• i ! 1y t ■
meeteth a preacher, and as ho eon- i.
verseth with him he slandeth to the j "a, ■' J hst, v.V \i
leeward and curbeth his breath as | .
with a strong bit. lie goeth home |
late at night to his weary wife with p^^JL FR1EDEMANN.
a beery breath and cold feet, He
nii ie stronger by attending and I contributed a cent
exchanging ideas. ~ !thelt' was of doi"
The Courses of Study are now
ready ar.d can be «• cured at the
County Superintendent's oifice.
(T, E). Moss,
Co. Snpt.
In Memoriam.
Mary A Young was born Sept.,
5, 1819; was married to Charles
Guru Oct., 1' 1806, and d'ed May,
30, 1002.
Mr, and Mr- '"urn came to this
country when the C. & A. country
was opened, and settled on the
place where thev have since resided
and where '-ho died.
Mie v. at. arm i' rted and kind
neighbor, a! v. aye ready to K-ud a
help hiiti ) these m need; ever
read ; :\u a! .vays visiting the sick,
a happy and cheerlul disposition.
She was never a tiron;. :■ la will
be misstti by all. She was a good
wife and a J eve tod motUi-, She
leaves a hu i ami mid six ci.ildren
to mourn her death.
Her death was unexpected and
part of her children di 1 not get here
to the flint rd preached on Sunday
by her past' r, ii v, R. C, Herod,
trom, • .« hi . nail ii ill tears
The flint • :d was attended by the
largest niuul : of persona of any
• je_ ljja)1 that has ever be«n in this country.
O H. P. McDowell.
At the homo of Ins • areuts, one
mile west and one a,' h-lf south
of Kiel, on Widnosdav, June, 4,
19u2, Thomas Allen ! ihnson, the
infant son of Mr. ar.d irs. 1*. A.
Johnson. Tbe child h;>^ been sick
for about two weeks, but was not
considered dangerous until a short
time before its death. The berc.iv
ris tli up between times and
hikelh forth without his breakfast
sayine, "1 go to a man." The dead
beat liith in wait, and pulleth his leg
to a queen's tast,>. He "nailuth a
lie, "but before elediou he ruune h
short, on ' i Is. H e giv, til libel ally
to the eliUIeh, he Pie- u:r:I -tb :: g<>'id
sum to I lie band, eont ibuteth to the
poor whose barn u as burned, he
seudeth a ill k''g hither and a
largo keg thither, heyicldeth lip bis
snbs'anee with apparent alacrity.
After .'lection he goelii back of the
barn and Ui>:!;<eli bun .-If and tearetb
bis ha' and e.-.llv'.h him.v'f a Rotten-
dam fool.— Ex.
Ml YHICIA N AiNl. .: i.
Omen Ilouns:
l> u. in. to 13 m,
i p. m. to'; p. m.
and p, ni to p.
■I Oi -1 v'
Dif of Wi i
(JhlUlren u Spot
n. A. BOOv
1'HyslUIAN ANTj •
Orncis nouns:
Kroiu to M t.
A nd U 1 'J ton. in.
KisBing irf a noun; it'i
a name,
! er thing to do when they are l idy | My WOl'k I Glial P. il
yiiopi cast main sti
: and the heart i.s Willing; plural,
i i-ii i,.... ,u proper noun, beoause it is the prop
ed parents need and do have tne.i 1 |
sympathy of the entire community,
as this is the second child they have .
. , . became it takes two to perform it;
lost in a seeminglv untimely mannei
, ... " , ... _ a loommon sender, because it is gen-
in the last few months. Weertena 6 '
our heartfelt sympathy to the sor j1-1''-) ; '
rowl'ul iieari-i in t'i> hour.
1 am runnii.^ u first
ber shop. Rverythii
class style.
ice decided that
the noted French |
r lariisvd "t' i rano de 1
ua ' f'he Mtrchant
iviii. i pla. written
n ua.ii t-d Gro«s. The
.oe not ate pt the
"■ il i*i* .cut dy the
one of eac n ]
x; possessive bocau e it pos-
sesses a delirious inlutuali u !' r }
DII.I). humen met d agr- • with parti, sj
At her home four miles north of performing the act. K1 isin-
Kiel, on Friday, May, SO, Mrs. ^loseiy connected with "1
(4urn, wife of Charles C ,rn, a W0U! whiol. is the good old . ick w.,oU
expression nn ailing a kiss that i
J, L. Fuller, I .
highly enjoyed by two green-1. n. - i
wdio have powerful suction with
The kind spirit and sympathetic
nature of the neighbors of Mr.
Gurn was clearly shown yesterday,
when they a semhled at liis home to
rearrange his bou-ehold antl help
him with his werk. Ki owing of
his misli rtu'ie, and that he it had
several day of c ' n plowing to do,
and knew In v. add 1: bliged to
immediately begin plowing corn, so
cling world-wide they came in and cleaned his house
n licenses are sold and plowed his corn for him. Such
generosity and sympathy is to b«
admired in anyone. The following
is a list of those true neighbors:
Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes, Mr.
and Mrs
known resident of this vicinity.
Mrs. Guru had been id tor about
ten days ii mi an at a i at, that ol
running a nail through her foot,
which censed her It was
not at lirst considered serious, but
on last Thursday lie bee; me eer-i
ami continued to grow worse nuli
Friday when she died oi loci.j"
.Mrs. Guru was a devoted Chris-
tian Who was always mindful of her stead of the lips, blnnderbus means
duty to God and man. She was
well known throughout the entire
] country, and was loved by all who
\V hen in need
, or shampoo, call on.
J. L. Ft
the Fit
Ever) thing -
lights of pr. duel ion tu this country.
.. i- pied a u'-iv liquor
Chile h
law that
every three y<. rs to tht highest
balder. Liquor cannot be sold
within 200 yard., of church, school,
barracks, place oi' amusement or
rail nay etuiou, r on trains; nor
to minors; nor ' 'tween the hours of
mi lnight and o a, in. No tne in
any way interested in i liquor li-
cense i.-. eligible to public office and
every distill h.-is a government
chemist to msu the purity of the
knew her. She was a woman w ho
needed only an acquaintance to
command the respi et of anyone.
She leaves a husband, two sons
and four daughters •.villi a host of
which to perform tho act. In this
sense lmss means kiss, rebuss means
kiss again, pluribus means a number
of kisses, horribus means to be
caught kis-ing by )' e old folks,
nieriibus means to steal a kiss, syl-
vabns means to kiss the ban I in
to kiss the old maid by mistake and
omnibus means to kiss all present,
including your mMkei in-law. — Ex,
order. Special pn
dres- ing
Ill .ill si reel
When it don't ram heriabout, it
drizzles. We have bad more rain
in the past month than is nece-'sary,
about iC inches, and today r.'Vil) .1
is at it. again; but owing to the
other Iri' iidi v.-h , d *eply ruourn bier | p<>ruua nature of the soil nw gn at
untimely departure. incouvenianue is felt. But while
We extend oar heartfelt sytnpa- we urt! tbas blesst reliable word
thy to the relative" and friends in ! reaches us that Kast.ern III. ..- di - er
their hour of bereavement.
Dr. Edward Kver-U Hale says
that tbe three duties of humanity
during the present century are: (I)
the building of railroa Is, one from
James Kinder, Mr. and > Labrador to Pati^oiiia, tbe '-Cape
Mrs. C. L. McDowell, Mr. and
Mrs. Vobs, Mr. and Mrs. Maxw<dl,
Mrs. O II. P. McDowell, Mr.
Lucas, Mr. Wormeth, Messers Jept
liarnes, Willie Harnew, Latin' Kin-
der, Walter Iloskiiis and L. Yocum.
to Cairo" road, an 1 one from the
Atlantic to the Pscitiu across Eu-
rope and Asia; U;, t > determine the
than that rcgi- u, mentioned in Holy
Writ, where thugs, thieves and men
who don't read the Free Homes an-
said to yell for a drop oi' Water to
cool their parched tonguo.—■ Free
The Marceni Company has fitted
up the schooner "Pleiades" with a
wireless telegraph outfit, to be an-
Remember that 1 ;
requires you to have
Final Pick>f No. . c \ -v'-.v
in the paper published nt ar*
est your land. iui-i i, -i.i - .
on the bottom of e-ich F if'1
Proof Notice. h.\n,t ii >
this when yop to prove
up. We have li.. h' iilc
and can make < ' ■ i
Proof papers whe i y
ready to have .
Kici Ok!a.
rights in the race qin.stion between chored ptrnianently a'H! niib s off
whites, negroes and Orientals, and,'the Massaclrisetts coast to re: - r
to bring about universal peace. !nil incoming vessels tilted with tb-.- Ki.
a; paratus.
! ■ t > oi'tl-'is t t!h' 1 >r i

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