Oklahoma City Daily Pointer (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 22, Ed. 1 Friday, February 11, 1910 Page: 2 of 4

Friday February 11. 1910.
Mr*. Pat-cal IV Knos i« visiting her
. sister, Mrs William Ward, at Sliaw-
l! ira* announced today thu 'li«
preliminary' w reaiiin^; bout b tiled for
the Metropolitan tbetter \lond"
tngbt betw een Madame Pons .Mid
Mar-gnre* Norwood has been ailed
« ff. Madame Pons has b*Mi « tiled to
niH« her husbaud. .liui Pons. .1 Dal-
las, ; nd it ill be impossible tor «•:
to be iu Oklahoma City in that date
The fans und<Mibt«xl!y will bo onio-
what disappointed, as the plucky },t-
tie woman ha- made in.vir friends
here by her cleverness and >peedy
ma: work.
The main event between Hector
Hnd Montour, promise* to l>r highly
ftnterenting. Iioth are in exoeUent <>n
•d ft ion, railowfBf rigorous , nin*.
and It appears certain that the uiagrh
will be on the square in ever vjv.
an each man has much to gain hy
vian ins.
After n yixir of non-aollrliy t„
tall. th« Oklahoma <-lt> bit
■taints will again enter Oh _
iMs spring. The baseball riali wit)
be coached by Or. H H. i ,.«diu in
who trained the bovg in too.hall !•
It believed that a strong team na
fce made up anil a m-hsdule n: emu. -
with Guthrie, Norman. s in.
Purcell, EH Reno and other lo . h>
t prepared.
Verma-Brewer fljftting arranse-
(Mttta are still la the balloon, neiih
er one anticipating an early para
cbute drop Brewer yesterday sub
mi tied another offer, to make 142
pound* by S o'clock oa the day of the
scrap or forfeit and tike but 20
f eir ee«t of the grate receipts Ferns
hut not replied to this hVrns has
frees MHu oot for \% per cent more
of the fate receipts than Brewer,
for some reason that has not yet
freer logically explained
Not more than several weeks ago
the following little item *as pub
li&hed in a morning paper ' Box does
not want to seem picauush. but says
that his man is in best form at 137
pounds, and if Brewer will weigh
MA pounds four hours before the
fight he srfil agree to put the kid
against him "
What is the matter now?
It has been reported that Fight
ing Dick' Hyland is anxious to get
a match in this city with Harry Tren
dall. of Kansas City. The contesti
ought to make a good exhibition
Chicago. Feb. ti —The coroner's
jury yesterday reported that Alois*
P. Wilkonwaky. 21. had been killed
in a price fight with Joseph Mc-
Carthy and recommended that Me
Carthjr fre heM to the grand jury on a
manslaughter charge. The fight took
place Tuesday night In Harry Gil
meres academy
Omaha. Feb. 11.—The police were
called into the ring to separate Raou:
de Don en and Jess Westergaarti in
a wrestling exhibition last night. The
men had wrestled for S3 minutes and
xhe match waa given to Westergaarri
en a fooL
Cleveland. O, Feb II—In two
games of 18.3 billiards last night
Willie Hoppe easily defeated Ora
■orniagatar. The first game result-
ed is a score ©f 30# ts $9 and the
second to 3d ti. Hoppe ran 120
3bysko. the famous Polish cham-
pion wrestler. who will appear in Ok-
tahona City on the night of February
19. w« meet YusK Mahr.iout n Chi-
cago next Monday night Zbyscko
w^ll wetgk 2SS and Mahmeut will go
on the mat at 502 The winner of th•>
^eent will fre pitted against Frank
t >x*rh for fbe worlds c ham pi as > p
Tn O tin bom a CStv the frtg Pole win
ageee to throw two men ;r. one hour
It is prohshle that Bob Managoff an .
Jnbn Berg wtU be the two mho a
lay Co stag.
Mrs \rtbur H. Uelaaler, of 432 West)
Twelfth street. Is entertaining MIssj
Helen Barrett, of Carmen, Oklahoma
Mrs. \. Oram tivans aud children,
of Norman, are gnents of Mrs. Rob-
ert P. Carpenter.
K * l>avls. of Colorado Spring*,
i.s visiting at the hoiu of his nephew,|
R M. Dickinson, 722 W est Nineteenth
Mrs T.H.Dotle and daughter. Mar*
garet, have r« turned to Guthrie after
a pleasaut \lslt at the home of Mrs
Doyle's sister, Mrs. Gorman, la this!
Mr and Mrs P. M Linden, of Rm-j
erald, Kansas, have returned to their
,bomc. JS'hey visited Mrs. Gorman
and Mr P. W. OW'eil. Mrs. linden's
brother and ulster, while here.
Circle Five, of the First Christian j
church, will be entertained by Mrs
Sledge, 217 West Pottawotaiuie. on
Tuesday afternoon
Mrs. E V Fisher entertained the
ai ee committee of the Indies of the
\taccabe< < No. ti. Wednesday at her
home. They are arranging for a
masque ball, which will be given
Tuesday evening. February 1" . in the,
.'Vmnelly Reid hall.
The F F. O. club will meet at 2
o'clock Tuesda- afternoon. February
li. at the home of Mrs. William J.
Harry Kloppe, traveling salesman,
has been ill at his uouie at 410 North
Harvex for several days.
V. n. Martin. 512 Kast Park Place,
who travels fof a wholesale 0rm here,
has been in the city most of this
week attending the wholesalers' a.id
retailers* coa vent ton He ill leave
shortly for a four weeks' trip through
Mexico and the southwest
The Eugene Field Patrons club *111
hate an open meeting Friday night
at the school bulUMng The following
program will ue given
Si lo America
Prn ver.
Music by the Uool quartette
Vddress by 11 r, F>c ! Brasted
Vocal solo—Miss Josephine Coil.
Refreshments will be served
The Danghter-s of Rebeksh « 11 .ueittj
in 'he Ragle aab Saturday evening,
February 12.
Miss Maude Rinalda. for the past
two years bead stenographer for the
New York Life has accepted a sim-
ilar position with the llrm of Farcnet
& Dura ad Ht Tulsa Miss Rinalda
will leave for Tulsa Saturday
Mrs Belle Hedlund. teacl er in the
Garfield school, has been absent mo^
of the fpast week, suffering from
rheumatism She is with a sister iu
the country near Cement.
Mrs. Hannah McBride, of Hobart, is
the guest of her sister Mrs. D W
Gibbs. at 407 North Harvey Mrs
McBride will visit In Kansas City
on her way to eastern points.
Mrs Ralph H Rice and son are
visiting friends in Shawnee.
Mr. and Mrs. A W. McKeand will
eutertaln with a 7:30 o'cloc dinner
this evening at their home. Slo Kast
I Park Place
V. B. Allee. of the K1 Reno Daily
democrat, is a visitor iu Oklahoma
; City toda> Mr Allee Is well known
in newspaper circles here
Harold Bowen, assistant at St Paul's
cathedral, will give an address
Thursday afternooas. during Lent, on
j ' The Creeds of the Church. The
I tirst of the series was given yester
ilsy afterniwn at 4:30. A service is
j also held each Friday afternoon be
ginning at 4 30. at 512 Kast Park
Place, for the benefit of the teachers
iu the lincoln school, and others in
' that vicinity, who find it difficult to
come to the cathedral on Thursday.
1 Mrs Frank W. Wardell. pa*; grand
j matron of the order of the Eastern
| Star, and Mrs. Sarah E Walker, went
: to McAlester yesterday morning. u>
attend a ball given by the Masons aud
members of the Eastern Star.
Mrs Frank G. Shoemaker will en-
tertain Saturday afternoon wph. a
bridge at her home 720 We«t Nine-
teenth street, for Miss Hollowa>. of
Adrian. Mich who is a guest of Mrs.
Douglass B. Crane.
Miss Betty Emma Hinds, of F^e \
•tfctl Oklahoma. Is visiting her
sin. Cleo McCauley. 124 \ ■
Pittsburg. Feb 11 —Pitcher Ches-
ter M. Brandon Supply. Ok.a has
signed a roatrset to play with the
Ftrates this coming year.
Waterloo, la.. f>V II - Tu« T M.
motif defeated Past Alvarer n «• iPh
fafls. the firs* la 1) minutes ami
the second in 11
Ninth street
Mr*, t F Stafford will crtsrtaia,
the members of the PriedBa Km
broidery club and their husbands,
with an >id fashioned tack, party
this f tuning at her home. U1 Kas*.
Tenth street Refreshments eousfet
ing of ginger .-naps, red lemoniule and
stick caudy will be served, and a very
pleasant and eajoyabte ti®e is an
Chicago. Feb n—T
league magnates will meet n tais
city on Ptbraary 1«. for arraagrtng a
schedule for the coming yea-
UtUe Miss Fraaki
laite Ui at her aom«*. East
aoj* ts
All bi-i* ar* Jivt'if at ar i
tic on the lfth of eartent
uomha. Rnh see that tour
bill* are paid br the l&th aai
avoid service betas iiterniiaed
Pioneer Telephone
& Telegraph Co.
Third and Broadway.
W H Pa«: of Pan' s Valley is regis
'reed the Stewar* He i* a memaer
\ of the p'em eenr Indian Te?-1tory fan.
ily which named Paul * Valley a vil
age near W vane wood The Pauls werv
;.j aeers i« the Chteksa^ Nation ar.d
, raar.v are the thrilliug tales older
' tseashers of the family tell of the
early days ef the territory whea ik* ,
neares' court was Pans Tex. ar.d
for thb reason everv mat. in hts
own judge, prose atw. sheriff and
; the eery law itself
Pauls Valle> *a« stared in 'he
I f^wits of Rush Creek and Washita
river because aa old residee' of
Wynnewood would not sell some towi.
ots to the Pa«!s ar.d assOviates ei>
the se<tiers )e«roeyed sereu mll^ up
j the river aai started a city of their
j owe.
First Chsreh af Christ Sk^entist
l corner Eleventh street asd Robtas^w
ateane, will bold lincoln Hay eer
jtiecs SUtnrdsy, jnary li, at ^
$10 Dowrn, $5 Per Month
- Will Be Placed on the Market ~
i • . ■. words. 2 i
turn : on «' sr. Price
P. ., *"(*<: part . 1-
1 in se are l>fiov iuarU 'i '
investment In the city -
0 Pen ■
$450 Cash
Balance terms, l-u.vs y pair of Hie ImMt
. iv jMMiKiru ll««igh;8 Price •->.* «• j*,.
haw :it Albany lietel. Phone blaek-CUn
Buy I his Quick
e. 1 lot; 1583 \V. 4tb, pri.-p
sh. S20 j ci luonth bnlatu-*-
pn. tf. Phone 10,'fJ
4-roe ii houi
Sl.XM ; «
,J0 N. Rollins
Monday, Feb. 14
Sadler's Industrial Heights—Southwest ot Industrial Ad-
dition on the high ground adjoining the City Park and
Grand Boulevard.
Sadler's Industrial Heights is on the highest ground in
Industrial City, within walking distance of TWO great
packing plants.
Sadler s Industrial Heights is so situated that it will re-
ceive no odors from the packing plants, either sum-
mer or winter.
Let us show you Sadler's Industrial Heights today.
Every lot in Sadler's Industrial Heights is absolutely
Sadler s Industrial Heights wnll be started at just half
the price now asked for adjacent property.
$100 PER LOT
Terms: Per Lot $10 Cash, $5 Per Month
No Interest, No Taxes.
We will show you this property today, tomorrow, or any
day this week.
Sadler's Industrial Heights is an .ideal location for the
home builder.
Let us show you Sadler's Industrial Heights any day
this week.
Sadler's Industrial Heights is one of the few restricted
additions of the South Side.
BUY where you know your neighbor will not build a shack.
BUY where only the white man can buy.
BUY from those that have a reputation for making money
for others..
All we ask is. see this addition before buying.
$25.00 Advance on Each Lot
One Week After Opening
Automobiles Will Meet Street Cars In
Packingtown all Day Sunday
Sadler's Industrial Heights and without exception all
are pleased. COME TODAY!
You Will Never Have Such an Opportunity Again
}" • r Salf Son tftfotl
Ok,;i(n>riui improved au«l uoiu;;> •
m ; ' lake roo-1 bor.«< and bu*f .
-41 •• S. Broadway
$50 . R)ii • f .«:• a
i kit. tiaittU'*- SIj TooitCiO
house and tot Phoi • KM \
Hti> lief or*' jkItsum •• in IrvtvM
I upk.il' n ; close to car line:
0 - ijnp-stmem : -i n f • tSte. l-a'a
« .1 silver wood, M'>uar<-h hofe -*w t
y«<i ' _ Li' •
I Bii^Eeiwe ieb i raoa*. >""7 I
mi.. b:i• li roi'ii Kwd i «ir ■
l:«t. r r lri- li lTt Irtt 75HW. I u
l. aliiy riM.no 1511.
Tu Pronprcl rt,l(!hts-Kor m!p. 1 P«"
1 .I rnini I'tM. l.v .Mifr; b;n't.. i. ;u_
ti l ta*. l'l.oup Ma. afrfr
Tor SHif I'air 'I> f-r 5'jti. on -irj
lino: nim, ™ p rt: Wiilts patil f'ir. H"!1-;
Cramped for Money f
Will s' : a No. utif il r" r o{ ,f'ts on I
-i • block from Belle l>le < ar Hue.,
for hi To jsmW below re«rket price for j
Read and Reflect ^
i' \ fine propertf between Iirotwlway aurt
• • t:u;..:<-•>« : nt'! lake a "yood -a'-re "trje t .
ion A ■ l.-:ir property in Shiiwnee for na
- . city in )kl boina City properly. A 1«n
•s*TM':ir britton. f' r Vaeaiit ><r 1mpr>.\ •
ftv property s.*,iXK) atock olotliius f.
o A ood fr..eeiy for ensh : will eli-
i-iiiit. I'ia tlie Trader—SEE ME!
ti. W. LI TEI,
< iKtli ^ \su * lt:.\P
] .1 and In blo^-k CO. 1mpro%
on snaie u«Tth nbour &T00. iSiff
'I ■ rnn ^asb. mortgage $l20b.
• ah \x\ paid off i« July or reaewed. «e.>
Phone 1M! "1 -:1:' Security bl4^
Eckroat Addition
"or Jfood level lo|.« on ear "loe in t:
j t;ou ::;r fjisieat possible term#, i
C. I. Myers & Co.
Buy a Block •
!.. f !.'•• I. of the l e«t property :V)rb
i,rt: modern improvements <*do-
. -Mi f.-i Tli is is a bargain if taken at
See J. W. Mann
412-14 Awor. Nat'L Bank Bldg.
Bargain, Small Home
I.arfe elegant 4-rooxn Louse, floe loea-
lion E«*t 9<b: Bltctrie li^bta. well and
; •: i n Splendidly papered Ha# fJOOG
rtpape Will take $-'<00 in cash, and $-" 00
• qnity in lot*, for thi* equity Or lesa
J f;'.«b and more lot# Price <2000
f'b.-ne 4i ,i ^ _Lt" N Broadway.
STOCK * \KD^ Bl SENK 8 t OI -
Lots v 11. li. blo< k P. $1000 each Jneee
will tare elt\ water and ca# Lot* 3. 26.
Moek South front. ?9T.. each. Balrd &
ftpengpl. 31^ W. Main. Phone 8562. 1-2
Guarant'-ed best bargain to cHj^, R;roon :
5=Ac res
On Broadway
\ . u 1175 d< wn, bkluM ftpng
tin:- : p: •* This is flue for cows or
; n« "SllOO by sprit*
Ad dm." J Pointer. O:
i OK 8AL1 on ^KAOd
Id. aer- -iiobr Iund ne.v Britton and
r.i u Methodist college, will take some city
r-ifpertv. pe wurtb $1"«0 per acre to six
tfef t'all for Culler9, 211 Security
' Phone 4516. 9-3
mop ti
E. 12th Street
Pair Lots Cheap
Only *'500, $100 cash, balance 2 years at
s p*-r rent; small monthly payments. Ad-
dress .T-10. Pointer 03
5-Acres $2l>00
Fuelnc boulevard; close In. We wHl
positively raise the price to $3,000 Ron*
Room t 2®-628 Seeerlty Bldg.
Phone 50T:: M
gee us for Claassn lots; we tmve imp
real bnrgalne; ripe for baildlng*. in n*Hh
• rn districts Hampton ik Hamtll, 117',-
W Main.
For Sale—Fine pair lots. 26tb «t.. Moft
ia lu>ile Isle car: snap: priea $9^ caah, or
IIOmO. cash. Phone quick. f w.
For Sale
310 E. lltb «t. S-room strictly modem
M:ngalow. 2 lot*, the only way to appre-
ciate thia nice heme is to see it. The
price is $4K\tG; for terms, see me.
J. C, Gillogly
PI one 1544. 13 SIJ Security Bldg
20 Acres
We have the exclusive sale for few days.
' 2t acres all tillable, ri-'b land. T miles
from center of city, nicely located for
truck or dairy firm If you want a bar-
! 2hi« se# us quick P • 2.">«i0
j *2P't W Mai* l i Phone 1640
«0 (ASH
Two b c ks of car Ha.- Th:« is a ennp;
nn«t aeli at oucc Address C-54, Pointer
for' Sale— #Mue farm, in one milo of
Wheatland, every acre* alfalfa land, ran-
nir, ^ spring water, fair improvements.
This . in be bought between u w nnd
3L,.nuar Ut S16,<*W 410.0UQ dc%vn, balanct
. v. r.. at 0 pr-r cent irrtereat
immediately at 1020 W. " ""
By Owner
C4 click* lot? In Britton, $150 a ptirc S2
'.-#h. Slu per mcnlb. 10 p r cent oft for
cash. .1. ltepd. I'botio 1W 2^
Something to Plat
3 or 4 blocks only 1 and 2 blocks from
<^ar line, 'dose in Terms. Call for (tah
Nader. IS N Itobinsoa. 21
Owner Wants to Sell
e Lore s*«'
| These arc bekf. fonr blocks af
•ar ilne and lavinj: will donble in i
i in wor.'hi. J12C-. will handle these.
4re>* C^ Po4r.ter
.!e—Two new large, unfurnished
'.iahts and water: front nd
nj. k 1 «r entrance. J12 month. Call ;J>4
F Third 1-*'
Five-room bungalow on paved street, car
close iu. northwest part of aitji
large rooms and bath, modern in e*"ery ie-
>5 ect. inoiudinc electric lights, gaa, <dtr
Matter and sewer A fine home. rrtj
«jood eusv term#. This Is IM*
• heap arid will make you a thonssnd dol-
lars in five months.
Alio va«-ant pair lots In best part. «|
city, on car line, paved street, gas,
trio Lights and sewer. Easy terms,
piv Room 5. loot'. Grand ave.
irr. «f
Sadler Investment Co.
412 Security Building
$20 Down
And *1« per month, gets you this ehoi«*
paii i f le?> three blocks c-f car line; ga-
in Price FA Address J- 5Polnter l ::
Dandy f ve large rooms and bath, built
for a home Manth and grate, kitchen
pboards built :i wall, large pantrj. fin >
s n water, we 100 feet deep; also soft
water tack Only f4.* o cash, bal-
st.ff fi«r If yon -re 'klnc for a homo
•1 : : fail to -i* iH« before buying: onc-
ha-f blo^ k 1~ bird . on 27 str >."
Fire crner *.iC An . dandy 4-
rooni bouse aud bath; only #li#00: $4"(i
balaa-e ea<? Lot* alone worth the
pri'See :his '^fore laying
!*ir" fu .-story br;ck bungalow, large
basemen? and furna<e; hieh and fine, on
W 'th "*e In If ••'oktr.r for .* heme
• f this kind, don't fail to s->e this- our
to readr to show yo«: only *4000. terms.
pair lets or W 1st. nher. prop.
'v j> now going higher fast. Old priie
1«0. terms
Fine pa:r lots en west 12tl Hifh aad
jdty. oafy 1750. $500 cash.
Binnion Realty Co.
■Ij-- re l'*4 12 lisX. Broadway.
\ Mirt^lO w i paper s ready for yonr
• M'"->' a rat*- prices pre-
tt- rsi' the line Hughes Paint
A ^ > Main 21
- •. i:!d. 21
Stock ^ ards
MK *LE\ K \1 TV I t>
Worth the Money
'-room cottage, east Ttli. closet^ pantjrr
an>; porch* -, cood well and barn. eeuM
plumed "ta-trle HiibtM, one block to ca*
i C> fjfcoiy $bo >.-ush„ $70® In 2Va years,
balance pe^ fnontli.
5-rootu hoti^e 32nd st. 2 lota, good wew,
barn. J porches: price $T.>50, abo t
■ a:?ti. balance dead ensy
X. E. NUM..
With Globe Intcatmenl Co.,
l&Uj W M i in. 22 PbonS VONk
a rc> or IWi acres, 2" rniles sautli
Capitol Hill, suitable for platting. WiseL
10CH1 W. California. 2V
For Sale cheap, 4 msidVuae lots, Corpvr*
Cbri>ti. Texas. lj cash, babiace iT5 |.W
month. Address Box^ 19?i, city.
Have exclusive listing ou u close In W.
7th •■oruer lot. size 40-140 ft., with I rooiS
modern > ottage on rear; price for • few
i« \ -. v;ukh); lot alone worth the moaoy:
t 'ins i_. .ash. balance j aud 2 years; l«l
us .show you this bargain.
100 N Ifarrey si
I r 1..;-, SV.T. etisii." near IXrUton. Afpr
t.. . ir 1245 W Fourth A .1 Hobart 2 'J
1 ui Sale m room bon-c. utuabor tiff'
>t 2f th, on 2 eorncr b ta: part down.
: Iiu-e oil lime, $12(M> This I u bargain:
must be sold it once 5 room house at
r _^ W 'th. 1 corner lots, overlooking
city: prhv JIlMK) down tisiame.
tcrni< Any tfal estate can setl Imth ou
regular commission. Inquire at 1S2S W
5= Acres Snap
The prettiest one out of door#, close in
to Brill ut. level as floor. *.'200. term*
Hatupt. ii \ Hamlll. nTi, W Idalu. J }
80 Acres Near
f> Packinstown
per acre. - v ct up
11 " tore tra - s and readi-v for <1500
<3 Y v will bare to 1 f r uiv op
• ut ■ Haapt' t
li; .ill. v:7\. W_Mr-. :
>n j I pa r « f 1 kr: ' lots fsr s.i*.
irjd dean. li. n<-e good terms. Muiw>
-> —
\\". 1st Bargain
A Home for $18^0
lungalosr; Ps'-kicgtown: ;<eai
i • • .:n <h
15 Address B< \ 117:;. vltj
Colcord InvestmentCo
' ' ' , Stock Yards Bargains
For Sale r, ^* i«, „ ~ t
a I Bit HI \l TV < OVI'AM
.rlty Bldg 21 I'houe
A\iss Jess Johnson > Room Bungalow
II >.<ibe< P i ti i
I UB Kl. VI TI i OMI- \N \
rlty Bidg. 21 l'hoi

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