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A MAYOR LIBERTY L Primer Problems En Politics—No.4. □UNIQUE PLAN TO
Tentative Draft, to Be Pre- Two Wholesale Deliveries at
4 sented Ttfesday, Contains County Jail—Workmen
Several Innovations
Hrief, y e| embracing Kcnrrnl provisions
§ for legislat it e. judiciary mill e\o«iitive
r departments of municipal got ernmrnl. a
tentallte charter, framed by u «tom nilt-
tee appointed for tin* purpose composed
Left Tools
One prisoner charged with murder, set -
en m-cused ol" burglary. three of tbrtr al-
rfHtly srntrni'fil to Irrms in tlir peniten-
itiry; one held lor grand Urivny and one
charged with Itluhnny robbery, escapi'l
ul members Samuel Murphy. Henry '•■'front i lu- county jail in two deliveries. i
Snyder and Heorge K. Williams. is ready ,.Mrly Saturday morning and another ul .1
to he pre^ted to the charter bonrd( when oV|„rk .Sl,lurd|l> Hfleriioon. All or Hi.- j
.. .. "loeu. | p, ixunern were nuroe- and a reward «>f !
It nieels Tuesday afternoon at I
The term "mayor" In fotlrel, ellminnlOil , Kt0 ,ur|, ,„r has been .
from the tentative ehnrter, nod t tie ten,, sh,thr „ , |ii„i„„ ,,r ||,e
'■ore. .lent of the board of tiinmilftlon., . „ ui)e.l hi hour,,- „l
ers Is nulislllutei . iim-ikIbk l>> . rut.llnit Ihrtiuith a llnle in
• •nil story window ill hroud daylight ami
made good their escape,
• onimissinn of five shall l e elected, to
be known an ('resident of the Board of
Commissioners, Commissioner No. Com-
missioner No. ;i, Commissioner No. I and
< oinmUfdoner No.
Il Is provided further that following:
•Irction tin* coinmissioners shall ilratv Iota
to determine I hi' length of time each shall
bold office. One hIiuII serve one year,
unother Imo years, another three years,
•mother four years anil another five years.
l.'nder the fir-*I. election no eomni iswion-
er shall he elected t«> a specific place ex
cent the president of the board of eoin-
intlsHioner*. whom the ehartier prlivhles
shall he charged with certain duties. such
as under the present forth of govern
inent fall lo the lot of the mayor. The
other four commissioners' duties shall in
1 he first Instance be assigned after elec-
tion. But when in the years following
«i new commissioner uliall he elected
April to sucei^d the commissioner whose
leuure of office expires May 1. he slniil
The liiRitlves mid Ihe rliargeN they fact
Sonny Sloan, mnriler.
Vrrry Lee llnwklns, IiIkIiway robbery.
Jinn .luclison, l>nrKlnrly, two years seu-
\ ill lfenry, burKhiry, sentenced to *e\ -
bilkers. bnrRlary, two
I <ldie Williams, burglary.
Mellaril Nation, burglary.
'lev Mathew*, burglary.
Kngene .\ilauis, burglary.
Huve Crnrkett, grnnd larceny
A thorough senreli of the jail
I" Sheriff Minion nfter Ihe sei-oiiU ri
rape and i kit of tools was uncovered, in
jcltidint; Hteei says, chisel steep pegs anil
about liio feet in length. The
... ...... *. | t; was used by the first «L\ in uinklnir
be eltH-U'd to head the ap«'clfle department ti , lv ,.H,fr.,m the hole in the
which wn III charge of lb.' couiiiilsalomr ,, ,„s|stliii: ,.r hlankota tic,l
\ ITc'-iiII'il' ti in. I. v.. flier t\.n iiscil In i lie -i'ilimI Hum
All coujnilsah.nerN Jluill. after iii. Ilm. ^itlna i i lie a i on 'he
.■lection, he selected to serve five warn. ,lf , hullilln* The iviuclo.v
l ie Mhir.v of l ie niesldDlit I- flknl l „ hi,.|, four „„,)lr
fl.fillll ii > «.;.r iinil ..r ti titer . I,.vim,., t
•loner' ..IW, until Hie ..f ilk- a,-!, . , , , I IL !i. !
Illhoinit I il v slniil have vi M. lu ll IIKI.IIIhi. 11"; , i m ' ,'' I? , .it
u lien il n II] he IllclTilscd to *T.,tl<lt> 11 nit >• • I • ,;>J" 1'J11 'l""1.1f'-
. f|.,.'|,c,tlveh. , •*.' h> M.cnff Ttlnion
I'lovlsioii I- I undo for tbc appointment I1" 1 h' ■•nrcle««iic 8 of the factor, who
I.j. the con.jiIhkIoii „f nil officers exeej.t . "V eywuert tn ti ..f
the commissioners, and Ihe right is re-;'1," section of the jail,
served to dlsmisM from (lie city's employ *'• 'H> siv IM'U P,,t
in :iny time anyone deemml unfit by Ihe!,1workmen left their tool box. |,M |u.l-
«-otnml«sion to be an employe of the munic-' i"^ the rope, on Hie top of the i-ells oc-
jjutliiy i-M|t'cd by the negroes. \Alien the i|uar
The' city's business Im divided into tliej.inline Mas placed on Ihe building all
• following depart men ts: work was stopped and I lie negroes sc.
Depart nicut of general a dm i nisi ration, h-ireti possession of the tools nnd rope
* ilepartuient of health, department of pub-land at ti nes when the officers guarding
lie safety, department of public works. ; the jail. Deputies l-'ate Sanders and
department "f public pwiperiy. .. vnes Lucas, were in the front pari*
I' is provided that no relative by bknudjtlr bars of lite i-ells were sawed.
<>;■ marriage "f any Com mission or shall • I'oi th^ ptffPwHe of Installing t block
hold appointive office. jisrd tackle wn.il which to hoist heavy
The general [dan of the charter is re- i.-.ii, i |mI. the workmen had cut a hole in
garded as a compromise between the fac i t In- roof of the Jail about eighteen ioches
tion seekiiiL' to elect the commission as S(|l.are and when tliey quit their work at
vhole with assignment of the duth-s appearance of smallpox tiny faileil t>
' •-( tut the hole, nnd also left a ladder
,< I i« h had been used in their work.
T!>e negroes after Ma wing the bars.
, , .placed the ladder up ami calmjj crawled
|. lie it.l.ier Mtli'l'liy |« n« - ronitlv In ... i|„. r,„.f Here they tic,I
'"I'll'e Hnv.lta- , r„uni| tbc chlmttev tint!
ul Wllllnins fnvoreil the former pn.- tf.l m ihe jiroitnil. lite biet
of *11 after election, and the faction seek i
Jng to have a mayor elected as audi and
each coiniuisslonrr to head a specific de-
Judge Mundcn's Order for City Officials and Automobile Agents
to Appear Monday Afternoon Puts "Steam Roller"
Against a Snag, Temporarily at Least
\<i.\ins'l riif.ioiin i i in now comimw «n\ %i iiitok urn hovhsion,
<11% T It I AM KI: It I I Ml l I Kl llll.HOD \N| WW <1.1 K K HOP I'ABUVN, < U
HIKIM I HIM I o AI'll Alt IN t Ol III \t I O HI Idl lv MONHW MllKNOHM'
ro snow < \i si w in tin'. siiori.H not \nm-w i k i « it imhkii t <os-
tkmim Ol i im It I is Mill \tini< VN INMI M l ION b«l 1 11 >i;\i K\l. \U IKSl
: \<iO.
TIIK IHHI ANri Ol nil t nvritiNi IS iHioi KOMI Ol I'll I '\>s\(ii: or
V ItKSOl.t HON I \HT MONH.W NH.II I ll\ llli;<H > I'OI Nl II., M IHOKI/IMJ
IHK 1*1 Kl' II ASK Ol \N \l TO MO HI II I OK Mi\ IM.IMIK III km ON 'i'll H
•ll'Nl TION OKAN I'K.H l(\ •!! I Ol" Ml NHK.N SKX ITtAI,
PLOW I OMl' %N V Till
i.n.ioinino tiikm i hum s| i i ini
i ok i 11% i.n i, in f. kb hi kkk.
But Homebody yelled, and
\ I- Lee and several other taxpayer*
InkiHilled an injunction suit against Ma.v i
j S-ales and the city "haul" • rowd I. which
'it was sought ti Join the municipality
from piirchawiug the machine. The hear
lug on ihis injunction Is set for tomorrow
I afternoon.
1 The passage of the installment ordinance
by" the council was brouirhl to the allen
tion of .Tudgc Muuden. who. helieviuu that
has first injunction had been violated, died
the defendant* to ap| ear on a charge < t
Indirect contempt of court,
t'ltr Attorney J aim- S. Twyford Insti
tilted' the first 'sn'.t in Ihe mine of the city
! against the clly. but
\ I I l\s M.O \< MNS l'
IN (I. KKK. tin lt:i N s| It l'!K %NI II lltlllll,
Twyford ha
"What's the answer?
defend the actions of the o
I! Is tom belief am.
have followed the rtutomoii
through the courts that -In
at present, under the linpvt
lain city officials hate
guiltv of contempt of courl
Judge MuimUm
ou the i-itutioii
iniains i a > o i en nir loriio" pro I i njh.j j,, ,|,r yriiil
Ml 'hrre iut« -ttfr e «;ii . #«•'"•*j, , ;
!L !" '{,.I,'.t': !" 1 pened lo be X<^1>n. siionff
ATnln 'street
alarm. Sheriff Billion
the jail and culled out his
I ' --an a search for the e.i-
will be Huhiuitted lo the
there is a radical change in semi I' ,
leent it appears probalde that t'je general ' ''4'*n ,
l-lun outlined in the tentative • harter will
followed in the charter th.it I dC(mUes w
i.. caped prisoners
I 1'verything nulled aiony nicely nnd th.
" a "noth'(able feature of the tentative efftcers hail begun to hellev
document Is thai ward lines are ellmi-
lulled except In the election of tt school * hi u word
board. J li.id decided
li is expectpd that the Chamber of tile
otninitlee. composed of S. t'. | •"<
.1. !•'. Harbour and .1. M. Owen, aci
that ti
had decided to remain,
received that four more
l ti It boarding at the haft*
second escape occurred about
in the afternoon when Oraud
filled wit h pedestrians.
gromul tlia' he would have t< |uo- on tli<|
•stlou when ii \va pvt-sciilcd to him
S vera I nn iilis ,i:.i, Mayor Scales aid
other members of the < ily etoiucil \ nb it
and purchased an automobile for dm
water depurtnicut, then one for tin* build-
in'; commissi,uicr department, then thn
|ia ■ lioard but wbeo il v decide.I tt
nwai'l the rily coginet r's depn it tlient 't it 1|
on. of ii. • (i lea sin c ■ .idc'-s" ■oniehoily*
\ • ■ 11 • ■ i1 nut then It I ii J li lie I ii 11 was sci urcij
ami I-lit l.nglneer Burke walked.
After utciliimi iu- foi et>• i'iii necks tlul
. .nn : i|c. ii|...I thai ' ngl|. I i 11 •• U ■ .;iouh|
li: In "li: ■ I- auto" mil nn ocilinatim
aiithorUinr the renting of u imiejiine at
|ln« rate #!<n a week for fourtwul lVff>U
with a cash imyinenl of f47.". wim fiassed.
I nder this nnb•• >1 MU wim to he pnld
In rent and with the $47.1 eaaht! *• -* 11
tin si.^o i ladiine could be pri i
K>.glu<-r Burke.
But -
Soimi bod " else yelled
And another in junction suit ^ " i ..
luted and a restraining order v |.osi
l.t ludgc Muuden enjolninu the it; fr
buying the ma-hlne on the bra Mu
pin n.
Hearing on this application fi
Junction wa continued Friday uuil
morrow afternoon.
prove err* HUSH
will go before the board, Tiiftftdny even-1 'he escaping prisoners were first seen
ing with its recommendations. While the by Orville Kraut/, who I ves opposite th"
exact nature of the provisions to be read jail, lie was eating dinner at the time
is not made public, it is understood that latin on hearing a rattling of tin. saw
the committee unanimously favors the ele< jihe fourth negro slide down a rope of
tion of five commissioners at large and I blankets and tear down the alley for
ihe subsequent assignment by the com to\u. He gav the alarm. The windo-v
mission of the mayorship and the respect- from whii h th - second bunch of prison-
ive duties of the commissioners. , , i,*ft. is within ."(0 feet of where Judge
As a result of their inability to agree ( Muuden was holding court and is the same
with tin* majority of the member* of tt>ei,,jje from which Amos llollernian and an-
eommittee as to suggestions to be nuide^tlie- prisoner escaped last week
the ehnrter In
id. Judge II. Y. Tho
sua and J II. Johnston
fi'Mn the >d ilovernuiciit cominittee.
Their place is taken by O. I*. Work-
man and John Fields.
The committee split a few days ago
Over the question of whether the <oin-
piissloner- should he elected to si eclflc
duties. \ majority and minority renort
were filed Tnursday with Secretary Sny-
der of the charter board. The liialorlir
report was signed by J. M Bass A \V.
B-ivd and It A. Klelnschniiili. and favors
assignment of duties after election. Messrs.
Thompson and Johnson signed the ml-
norltv renort. which favors election to
specific duties.
Ties .Moines. Iowa. Jan. I Senator Cum-
mins was the principal spaiiker at a
big meeting of the progressive ltenub
Means at a dinner here. He outlined an
aggressive policy which may be adopted
as a national policy Manv p.iimiuent
Ttenubllcaiis fn ui all over the
Mrs. I W lilts. 711 Kast Ninth street,
is badly burned about the face and
las as the result of an explosion of ac
Piulated gas in a range oven yesterday
i lit
a p plan (led.
lilts turned off the gss a sboit
tt.iiir before and attempted to relight n
I I t this time the oven had become full
jo' -as. and the explosion followed. Mr-.
II iits cloil iiii. . aught tire, tint she e,
it t.gulshed the irncs before her garmen <
j I-ii rued to the flesh, only her arms and
to were being Injured.
Joiul I i f:i It. K. Loonev, the itieiidlng pliy-
j s i.ian, says Mrs. litis will recover soon.
Oklahoma City's second grand jury,
ca'lcd for the purpose of investigating
alleged violations of the prohibitory laws
and corruptness in municipal and county
otfjees, will he convened in 1'istrlcl .Indue
t.eoige W. Clark's division of the district
court tomorrow
instructions giving the grand jury aft
much "rope" as they desire will be rea l
to the jurors immediately after the talc.-
irei, are empanelled.
It is rumored that efforts will he made
t • have Judge Clark appoint a special
prosecutor to take the place of County
Attorney i; K. Iteardoh, who. icordinL
to law, is the logical conductor ..f such
probes. Judge Clark states flint no re-
i 'iif-t ram es have been tiled with him and
Ceu.vly Attorney Beard n Is - i decide 1
as t. > whether he will demand chain-
oi whether lie will step uside and allow
the court lo appoint a prosecutor.
it was reported oil the streets Matm
day thai a delegation of the Anti-Sulooii
I. a.:ne. Hood Government league .md the
Lj <v and Order league had journeyed to
• ictiirie to confer with the governor con
ecriiing the fldvisublllty of the chief ex
e. ,nve asking that a special prosecutor
be i uined.
i have seen uo delegation yet. said
c vernor Haskell over the long distance
i houe hist night "If thi
Announcing Belief That Some Witness Committed Perjury
and Discovering Another In Contempt, Judge Munden
Continues Stone Divorce Suit Until Tuesday
IMdnering n Irctnre from Ihe bench tlint \vhh filial with (brUHan benignity nml
ffood will, ex pressing in each sentence ihe greul desire lluii ihe esirnngrd rotiplr tniicbt i
bccomr reconeiletl. Superior .Indite A. N. Vlnntien yntrriluj afternoon i*« nlInueil Hie |
lieariiiK « f l lie hciish! iomil ditor«-e milt of Mr-. Nellie \ Stone HRulnst Homer I'. Stone. I
until Tuesday n Ik III. tvhrn I be arKiiine«i Is tvlll be iieuril.
"I urn more than sorrowful ttuit I have In slate from the liencti Unit in my belief
that perjury bait been committed by Mim« wltnesn." snltl .Imlge Munilen. I wanl
counsel to argue llils case iu order Hint • might M*eure every particle of light linn
migbi niil me in rendering ii fair and just decision unit one thai is nty duty
"I will modify the rest rain ing order heretofore is ue.< by the court enjoining Mr.
Stone from aeelng Ills wife nud ebitdroii. Mr. Stone. I wanl you to see y oUr wife, tall*
uo-r ihe troubles. Ite u man. he broad eooiiKb to irt and elfecl it re« onciliatlon.
W'Biea you -re your wife an.I children, under no conditions tvhuleter are ion lo par-
ticipate in an argument ; i liere with a charitable feeling In your heart, one thai In
filled with kindness ami «oodne**.
Mrs. Stone, he broad enough, he a mother enough, mid :i woman enough to re-
turn lo viiur husband, life with liim. cook for liim and raise his children. Do Ibis for
the sake' of \ our children, if for nothing more I admire ou for not llviiiu with your
husband if von sat toil did not low him and bad no feellnic ol xoodness low.ird linn.
but remember your 'children. N -thlng would «lte this courl greater
tiear ol a reconciliation. Ilurv li e past, keep
Kvery spe<tal' r in Hie Court
glien by .ludge Munden. Slot
uwa.v tears flint welled to her
tlifflcnlly In suppressing their i
wera hat those
isn't clean
Showing Ihat the recent nnd "firm or-
ders' of Mayor ilenrv M Scales that
i oil light houses, gambling dives and
■c.tlogging Joints must cense operation^
I'klfthoma city, forthwith, have amount
i i ., lit 11c state ICiifonemeiit officers
S Peacoi k ami 11. A Yomi; and l et u-
shcrlft I . s. Grant Saturday visited
ip I legging < uiporiiinis and confls*
cret In your heart."
tislbly affected by the Utile liil of advice
hurled his load iu his hands. Mrs. Stone briisbetl
the attorneys and llie courl itself ex per leon I
load was secured in
ivhiskey were secured from
lock on hand at the plm-os
it bns been suld by the
department, were out • f
11 , in tlie effect tiia*
U :,s Virtually in Hie "dry
he kindly light of delu
it. by i he pet depart me t
s and the newspa| ers win
ii >Inlstl'aI ou despite III"
I otccllng Pearl Brooks, tin I
la brothel who assaulted Nell Ca
' f • ITIuir to notify the vli'tiiu's ! •
I'm I Hie trial was to take phn
1 .si vt ice men succeeded iu "nil H
th' case I iiili> . night and seen
I |v i.okH woman'- dismissal throit
of piosecutioii.'
Ti is rutuorcd that the Brook
I im mediately loft town, fearing I
i i i ron might hear of the dlsni
• • : -c a rearrest F.lnm Garrll
r ■'"d. charged wltil Iwing an I ..
a disorderly house, forfeited his „w<id
tight took pla
ai i11 V
night. Nell '
iu a drunken bruWl.
I reet tiirl.it-
coi.ducrs th«
Iif :i 11 .l,.s, rlplt..ll I
was a.-ked
" thai the
handle its
HI. Thomas. D. W.
grams received here
earthquake iu the I rei
1., Jan. ?.-*-( able Hnique ami the Itiiiisli island of St. Vin-
•nt early this morning.
The extent of Hie damage, if any, is nol
h Islands of Mar- known here.
uoiincc.l tha
tin* enfonei
the prohibitory laws
he will ask Hie asslstui. i
Attorney .1 M hay >* -
ent altorney is thorougl.i'
alleged violations •>
hat. ado
took her place
affectod manner
a unfaithful
bud written let
the 17-year old
luid sustained Intimate
wife, bill later denied
also identified letters
to the court aU ones
simple plaid
i a large pie-
black plume- |
ul. and In an j
tlint he had , !•'
"Hid Varlnu eve
vei had intimate relations wiHi M
one?' asked Attorney lv .1 <.billings.
lie refused to answer.' said Miss M
>n ti hi. "But he said that lie had
nk i:.
told lliut lie
lit la l
if lie
droit, but I m
him. They
that I would
civ III llkl
An Increase of per cent in Decern 'it^ present gain due t.. n slump a year 'I lie year t • o; was wonderfully pros- niu
|t-. l'.!(H , over December. I'.HIS, ami ;,ii .Co.* Is ih. us.uess lit ml i ahead of uid then* wen* pra.-ti. illy i, . ,ei
jr.. icnse of per cent in the teat lu-• r ml It was pi ior to the panic'' ' - epi. -'ing Influence* "ii bu-.iiicss lic e t> 1
i-.nled over the previous year i tin ic Ibie. igain. Ii«ureh tell a story of |e :i" the figures for 1!*m; and I'■ ' 'i rail
jo:,rkabb' .shotting made bv <iklahomtj 1 maikable material progress Dtcember re^lpts In 1IHSI were *h'..li *5 ti ■
city postal receipts | ' ^
Kecelpts for December. 1WM , were
.,nd for December, 1'jox. tve
7C., Receipts for ltiofi wtore #ju
while the receipts for lJiHH were
l.t ti"* average person tfie above ri
, i,nl.lt \\ ill ii -- in little . but to
* j , i, ,s been wilt til log the blisbie
TO U. S. '^!l
of In
< I It.Il l, • ml «a
ti-,neul ill I h«
taken lo <<nlb
•irt 'i •• ■}"'}''
the uffl. • of
n tim i ii on i* m.i i ol ic i
II) ON l> M l I Ol It

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