The Oklahoma Historical Society has been collecting the state's newspapers since 1893, in partnership with the Oklahoma Press Association. OHS newspaper collections form one of the most comprehensive state newspaper collections in the US. Included are more than 4,000 newspaper titles dating from the 1840s to the present day. In the past, the only way to access this rich resource was to visit the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City and view the titles on microfilm.

In 2009, OHS was awarded two major grants to digitize the state's newspaper heritage. The first, a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, provided funds to digitize 100,000 pages of the most unique and important state newspapers, to be displayed on the Library of Congress Chronicling America website. This grant was awarded again in 2011 for an additional 100,000 pages. These papers will also be displayed on the Gateway to Oklahoma History.

The second grant awarded to OHS was from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation. The goal of this grant was more ambitious - digitize ALL of the state's non-copyrighted, public domain (pre-1923) newspapers and provide online access. This grant provided funding the Gateway website, staff and storage servers for the digitized materials. The 5 million pages scanned through this grant will form one of the largest newspaper archives on the internet, freely accessible anywhere in the world.

It is our hope that the Gateway will expand beyond newspapers to include materials of all types. As the Gateway grows, there is the potential for expansion beyond OHS content. If you are interested in participating in the future, please see this page.